All the recent FCA posts on the FP got me doing some unnecessary car shopping and I stumbled across the Jeep Grand Cherokee configurator. You can pick from 8 different trims! 8!!! Why??

(all screen grabs from the website)

The Grand Cherokee isn’t the only offender, either. The Cherokee also has 8 (Sport, Altitude, North, Limited, High Altitude, Trailhawk, Trailhawk Leather Plus, and Overland), and the Wrangler and Renegade both have 6.


For those that have never seen the TED talk “The paradox of choice” it’s a really interesting discussion that essentially drives the point home “less is more”. With 8 trims, are you ever gonna be happy that you picked the right one? Also, is there an easier way to confuse potential customers than by presenting so many options?


I just don’t get it, Jeep!