I was talking about lottery winning (scratchcards, I won a £10) expenditure with a few of my non-car people friends and they were asking me what car I would buy if I won £50,000.

Now being a car person I went mental and started listing off things like E39 M5, B7 RS4, S2K, MK5 GTI, Range Rover etc but them being more grounded and practical noted that I neither have the space to store all of those cars nor will I have the cash to keep them all running and it got me thinking. In reality if I were to suddenly win £50,000 would I go crazy and buy a bunch of cars or would I buy one. Turns out I would buy just one.

Specifically the Nissan GTR. I do like the GTR a lot and thanks to the badge it remains stealthy along UK roads which is appealing to me. You can pick them up for around £30,000 which gives me £20,000 left to get a 1000 HP out of it, buy some cameras, sign up to Uber and start a YouTube channel scaring my passengers with the launch control. Hopefully I get a bunch of likes and subs which should bring in that YouTube money to pay for future costs (clutches).

Anyway back to my point. If you did get enough money for say a top spec saloon car would you. Buy a bunch of cars? Buy an expensive used car? or buy a new car?