Oppos, what say you?

How many years before autonomous cars are more common than human-driven ones? Do you think human driven cars will be outlawed?

Personally, I see 2030-ish as a benchmark for when autonomous cars will really take off. And I say by 2040 or 2050, they’ll be more common than human-driven cars. I think non-autonomous cars will be outlawed in states like California first, with less progressive states coming along later.

Either way, it makes me nervous. I can see their benefits but I also think there’s a lot that can go wrong. The main curiosity I have is how autonomous cars will perform in snow and pouring rain. The driving rain and flash floods I went through on December 23rd would all but blind sensors and such, I think.


I hope by the time self-driving cars are the norm, I still have something to drive myself and have fun with at the track. I’ll settle for an old Jeep or something to drive off road, even. I just can’t ever give up this hobby. It’s not even a hobby, really. It’s a lifestyle.