I want to replace my OEM summer tires (because reasons—they suck). I was hoping to sell them to soften the blow a bit. What would I be able to get out of them? Is it worth bothering?

Tires are Goodyear ST’s, 235/75R16, 106S, have up to (not sure, because I don t know if the previous owner used snow tires) 68000KM (not miles) on them.

*UPDATE* The tires are 12/32 tread brand new. However they don’t seem to have worn evenly. One tire has an even depth of 6.5/32, all the others have 7/32 on one side, 6/32 in the middle, and 5/32 on the other side... I’m guessing that makes them pretty much worthless. Not to mention the tirerack reviews are pretty awful. The ratings are even worse.