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How Much Do I...

want to screw with the AC system on the 850?

I’d like to get it sold soon, and I think the fact that the AC doesn’t work is dissuading a lot of people considering it’s been in the 90's here since last week. I’m a windows down, sunroof open kind of guy, but I can sympathize.


What I know is - the controls seem to work fine. I tried shimming the compressor clutch (weak clutches are apparently common on these cars) but it didn’t help. I got a can of refrigerant with a pressure gauge on it and supposed “leak sealing additives”. The system was empty. I filled it up and it pretty quickly leaked back down again.

At this point I know I have leak and am fairly certain a hosed compressor. First I need to find the leak. I’ve seen sniffers, UV kits, etc. Any advice?


I’ve read that if you replace the compressor you should also replace the condenser. It’s about $300 for a compressor kit (with seals, accumulator, etc.) and a condenser on RockAuto.

How likely is it that I will go through with all this, only to fire it up and destroy the brand new compressor, blow refrigerant out other orifices, etc?

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