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A few months back I purchased a 5TB over at Target for $139, a fair price for the capacity at the time. But in the last couple of months I’ve purchased another 5TB of storage, this time for about $136 less. Mind you, it’s not all on one disc like the original purchase, but the price simply cannot be beat.


Here’s the trick. You’ve probably heard me mention the Goodwill Outlet store near my office. They’ve been having a sale on electronic and electric items for $0.59, for the most part, unless the manager intervenes. Slight tangent - today I tried to buy a wonky 39" LED TV for $0.59, but they insisted on charging me $10 for it; I should be able to get it running right with a replacement circuit board for $28 (there really isn’t much inside of a modern TV). Anyway, back to the hard drives. Last night I picked up yet another DirecTV HR34 HD DVR, again at $0.59. Inside of said DVR is a 1TB hard drive, so the last 5 of these I’ve purchased have set me back all of $2.95.

Even if you have to buy these things by the pound, it still comes out to only $4 or $5 each, which really isn’t a bad price for a 1TB drive. Yeah, it’s used, but these AV-rated drives are tough and are meant for 24/7 operation.

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