A decade isn’t too long a time for a car, but one has to figure after all those years, at least a few ponies had to be put out to pasture, right? So how many horses had bitten the dust here was what I went to find out.

Meet my project car a early edition 2009 BMW 135 Cabriolet- I named her Bella.

Why not have a convertible in the snow?

These cars are now down to 10-15k with lowish miles- & as Jalopnik pointed out recently although not the most beautiful car, are a heck of a driver Heck the 135 even beat a Porsche Cayman on a track in no part to the M suspension as standard (ouch I’ll talk about that in my review of this car) and the N54 twin turbocharged engine that pushes at least 300HP/Torque.

One thing I’ve always admired about BMWs is that they understate not just their 0-60 times, but also the power. So, how did the little one do almost at nearly 9 year into it’s life?

Giving it all she has.


Well the fact is the results weren’t bad. A power curve that is impressively flat and also if you assume a 15% loss, a 317 BHP figure. That’s right this car throughout the power band put down 260HP and peaked at 274.

As you would expect with a turbo there was some fall off on the high end there, but overall it was pretty linear and impressive power curve for something that is cheaper than any new car in America.


Tell me what you guys think, I was sort of impressed.

For all the sights and sounds check out the video below and subscribe/follow me if you want to see how the project on this car goes (exhaust, air intake, tune, etc):

How much horesepower does a 10 year old BMW make? Dyno of the 135 project car & a Camero ZL1


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