After reading Doug DeMuro's book, where he owns (and crashes) a Panamera, trades a 550 horsepower wagon for another 550 horsepower wagon, owns a CTS-V sedan, a couple of Range Rovers AND a Nissan Cube and first gen Prius, I couldn't help but think 'Jeez, that's a lot of horsepower' and how old is this guy again?!?

Oh yeah, and now he has a Ferrari.

So, I'm curious how much horsepower you have owned.

Here's my list:

1969 VW Beetle = 50 hp (approx.)

1989 VW Jetta = 105 hp

1988 Toyota Corolla = 74 hp


1995 Honda Del Sol = 102 hp

(Not me and mine was red, but this picture was too perfect to pass up)

2000 BMW 323ci = 170 hp


2005 Scion xB = 103 hp (it was initially rated at 106 but then downgraded!)

2006 BMW 325i =215 hp


Learning to drive, this kid is now 5 years older! I can't believe how much bigger he is!

2005 Bajaj Chetak = 9 hp


2010 MINI Clubman = 118 hp

The stripes actually made it faster.

Total = 946 hp

Average = 105 hp

I feel like this bar is set really low. To be fair, every one of these was a manual (even the Bajaj) and the only one that was no fun to drive was the Corolla. Also, my gas mileage average is WAY more impressive than Doug's. What about you? How much horsepower have you owned?