My current commute 5.37 miles @ ~10 minutes. Fuel cost $1.58/day.

Potential commute 30.46 miles @ ~35-45 minutes. Fuel cost $7.78/day

How much is my time worth and how much does the additional mileage mean to operating cost of my vehicle? The going rate is $0.56/mile if a company is reimbursing you for mileage. Doing the math and comparing that to my current commute that's an expense of ~$7,000 more per year than my current commute. The fuel expense difference alone is $1,558.

So if this other job opportunity materializes I've got to try and figure out what a proper offer looks like. On paper a $2,000 salary increase might look good, but when I consider the time and added overhead it puts me in the hole. At the same time a $7,000 bump might be a bit much, but that might honestly be what I need when you consider I'm likely going to be coming home at 6:00 every night instead of 4:30 and still getting up at the same time every morning.

What say you jalops? What value would you put on a short commute vs. a long commute? Is $0.56/mile reasonable or is it too high?