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How much is a preferred color worth?

Debating Miatas still and I just really don’t like the idea of owning a black/gray car. Let alone paying $20k+ for the privilege.

Made up my mind to buy a white one for $23k in Wisconsin (close to me) but I ran the carfax and it was a lemon. This one with some mods just came up for sale and I’m really thinking about it.


Dislike the pin stripping and wing, but I could live with it for the red seats. Really don’t want a drab interior again.

But, this is a better deal:

The color though just isn’t what I want.

Also, I like this guy’s honesty but its black.


“I need back seats for grandkids. I’m a dumbass.”

Honestly I think a grand might be worth to drive the car I really want.

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