How much money will you spend on a pet?

Not to own. I had a conversation with a co-worker and they are all about their dog as a family member. Their dog to them is like one of their children. So, they would spend the money on their dog to fight its cancer, if it had that. How much would you spend? Thirty grand?

I do not believe in her belief. That's my thing, and that's her thing. I chose to end our talk because she was actually getting a bit mad that someone would think of their family dog as not anything less valuable than their own children just because it's a dog. I was about to break it down and find her line. You know, the line where said pet is easily replaceable. Spending $30,000 for your ten year old dog's cancer instead of $250 for a new dog that lives 15 more years. To me, it's a no brainer. Dogectomy + new dog. For her, her present dog and another co-workers two dogs (same conversation) are all medicated for whatever disease problems they have and the cost is over $100 per month. At what point do you cut the strings? At what point would they?


Let's look at a goldfish. If I asked her about her pet gold fish and if her pet fish had the kind of infecetion that would make any family in the past flush it, but now in today's world would she spend lavishly to fight it? Would she spend twenty-grand to fight fish cancer? (smaller price, smaller pet right?)

Where is this line drawn? I think it's insane to drop that kind of money on a pet that will only ive a few years more anyway even if it were healthy. Pets are not offspring. In fact I thikn pet's were already getting one hell of a break in life support even before we started spending money fighting pet cancers. A pet dog can wander off and get pregnant and it's babys are so cuuuute. Our offpsring can go wader off and get pregnant and they're shunned by the village and sent away to a girls school until their condition improves and suddenly there's a new cousin to raise in the family house wich by the way will not speak of such events until two generations pass on sixty years later.

See how easy the pet gets off the hook already? Now it is getting free cancer screenings and treatment. free and easy pet maternity and no shunning!

I'm not trying to make light of the whole thing (well, sorta) but does anyone else think that level of pet=family is a bit ludicrous? what level of care is the family pet worth paying for?

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