How much of the course is straight? It looks to me that portion from the turn 16 exit to turn 2 is pretty much the only time a car will be driven in a straight line. Whoever wins Turn-2, will not be challenged again until possibly turn-11. Why? the nature of down-force means they can't draft around the whole of 3 on the way to 4 and that means they wont be close enough to drag-race challenge for turn-5, and as a result won't be able to out drag race for turn-6, or 7 or 8, two of which have bends in between them making any challenge really difficult. After 8, there is the 9-10-11 sequence which is just a long bent straight, with a rewarding passing zone in the end, assuming you can be in position after the rinky-dink-Tilke-ness of turns 3 through 8. After 11, Nothing interesting for passing or actual racing until the exit of turn 16. Of course this is all based on my desire to see passing and challenges for position. None of this seems to allow that. Of course, we know some drivers can make action happen in the most unlikely of places, but what I see is a medium-quick pace track with only two locations for action, both will be set-up for your entertainment with the entertainment button they like to call 'push-to-pass'

I will watch it and see but I am not excited and predict not a single thing will be added to the F1 experience we can't get out of any other bland-o-matic track beyond some interesting Putin-isms.