Okay, if you don't know already, Chrysler is halting production of the Viper temporarily. It should also be quite apparent that very few are buying SRT's beast. If you didn't know that, check out Matt Hardigree's article. So, what is the real problem? Well, over the past few months when the Viper was brought up, people always came back to price. It's too much. Where should the price point be? Can you make the best ever Viper cheaper than the last? HELL NO. The thing is a work of art (IMO) and finally has TC so you don't kill yourself or others leaving a C&C.

What is the problem and what is the competition? Price is obviously the big one here, but I think people still don't understand the Viper. You really have to be a fanboy to understand why there are 10 cylinders. I myself would like to see a TT V8. I've already been given shit for this, but it's called progress, sorry. I think if the Viper was in competition with the F-Type and the liking it would have a chance, but it's so much more, and downgrading such an epic car would be disheartening. So, what's the solution. The tech department has already come a long way from the predecessor. HP is still a very strong figure, though it's the same as the outgoing ACR. 0-60 in under 4s. What is missing. Is the lack of salesmanship talent the leading factor in the Vipers demise?

Has the Viper lost it's magic? What's going wrong. Please share your OPPOinion.