One of my coworkers recently ended a lease on a Honda Crosstour 8 months early and bought a 2008 Accord with 80k miles listed at $10,000. The amount financed on the '08 Accord: $24,000! She feels like she got ripped off because they sold her a 2 year warranty for $2700, and there was a hefty lease-breakage fee, but I'm not sure where the rest of the $14,000 came from. She's not excited in the least about her "new" car purchase (yes, I know it's an Accord, and it's literally beige, or "gold"), and she said during the negotiations with the sales person he told her "not to overthink this."

I don't like giving people specific car recommendations because then you end up being blamed for anything that goes wrong, but she has made some shockingly bad financial decisions recently. The warranty seems like a waste of money on a Honda, but being that far underwater on the loan maybe it's not? This seems like a case where GAP insurance would make sense, and I'm not sure if she has that.

This all could have been prevented if I had convinced her to buy a Miata, or a used C63 AMG.