So it ended up being too cold for me to bother to clean the garage enough to get the Civic out of holding yesterday. I did, however, start it up and try and get it up to temperature. Emphasis on try. What ended up happening is it smoked me and my renter out of the garage for a couple hours. So my questions is: how much is a care supposed to smoke after coming out of hibernation?

The smoke was predominantly coming out of the tail pipe, though there was also a fair amount coming from... everywhere else. The smoke was pretty acrid, so I’m thinking it was mostly burning oil, not spider webs, electronics, and literal rats nests.


My Saab, for reference, smoked lightly, mostly out of the exhaust, for about the first month after its resurrection. After that it has stopped completely. The Civic has been sitting for an unknown number of years and the oil quality and viscosity is unknown.


Other than the plumes of acrid smoke (shit is seriously awful) it seems to run fine. Compression seemed good when I turned the engine over by hand. The thing starts like a dream.

The exhaust is missing after the cat and the underside of the car is covered in spider webs…. So there is that.


What does oppo think? Too soon to worry, or should I start planning the rebuild