How much time you can own one car before thinking about buying a new one?

I’ve owned 9 different cars since I got my license, 12 years ago. One for them I owned twice, btw. As some of you know, I have at the moment a Honda Fit/Jazz in leasing, meaning that even If I wanted I couldn’t keep the car forever.

The E46 I had before had its flaws but I was willing to slowly fix it all and try to see how much time I could stay with the same car. I have the gut feeling that in the long run, having a car as long as possible makes financial sense, even if repairs are frequent. It’s all a matter of affordability x convenience.


As things are changing I will, when the fine is low enough, return the Fit and buy something more interesting, and I am playing with the idea of buying a car that not only can fit my needs now but will fit my needs in the future (maybe one more kid and more traveling), and try to keep with this car as long as the laws and life permit (I’m looking at you, diesel ban. And understanding that moving continent (again) is a possibility).

Is that even feasible in your heads? I know someone that can only stay with the same car for 6mo. How do you feel about it?

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