How much to take off asking price for dead AC?

My wife has been wanting to sell our freestyle for a while, and get herself something newer. Recently the AC compressor jammed up with little bits of black stuff, and somehow both locked up to cause the serpentine belt to break and sent shreds of metal throughout the system, making the conversation about replacement more immediate.

At Yellowstone with the big mean green.

The car is a 2006 Ford freestyle with AWD(which increases the kbb estimate by nearly $1k!) that has been well cared for (I guess except for the ac). It’s just over 150,000 miles and kbb tells me a range of $3,000-$3800 for private party sales depending on condition. It is more or less up to date on service, new serpentine belt, decent tires, has a replacement throttle body that’s on warranty(only big problem with those cars), no big gouges or dents. But dead AC.


The AC system though, is dead. And I’m not going to lie about it to potential buyers. Google tells me it’s a $700-1,500 fix depending on who you ask(and the shop I use was at the high end) and how much they think should be replaced versus flushed.

So, assuming this car would otherwise be worth the $3,500ish KBB recommends, what would be a fair asking price with a completely inoperable AC system? I’m thinking $2,800 asking price. I mean someone is not going to care about ac, right?

And to those thinking I’ll have new exciting things to post about, my wife has ignored everything I’ve ever said about GTIs, CTS wagons, and instead really likes the C-Max Energi. Hmmm...

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