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How Much Will the Supra Cost?

Since November, I have been speculating that the 4-cyl Supra will start around $33,000 and the 6-cyl will start right around $39,000. But I’m curious if any of you are starting to rethink pricing for the A90 now that there is actual information coming out? As for the Z4, I’m not so solid on that car.


I also continue to believe that a mild-hybrid powertrain is coming soon after launch if not right on it which is the reason the car is taking extra time (especially with Gazoo being handed the car late in the game). It would also work with why the Supra may not receive a manual transmission (though I still think that it will appear the following model year if this is NOT a 48v car).

Im betting on a performance mild-hybrid powertrain being the point of BMW and Toyota partnering. Especially for the 4-cyl engine which I think Toyota will source for their own cars including the Lexus lineup rather than taking their own turbo four to the level just past a belt-driven starter generator.

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