No pricing information has been released. If — IF — a manual transmission were an option — ... IF! — you’d have to believe it would be slapped on the b-b-b-base model at best. Nonetheless, let’s face some facts:

- you can’t afford a bimmer or Merc
- you can’t afford the custom V90 with no body cladding
- the Golf Alltrack STARTS at $26k and is Volkswagen
- no Japanese wagons in sight (Mazda6... SAD!)
-the Malibu Maxx has been out of production for years

So here’s your answer: an attainable AMERICAN wagon.

Or is it?

Would you pay over $30k for one of these? It’s being sold as a Buick and not a Chevy, so the tag may be getting a nudge up. Let’s look at this thusly: the current regal sedan starts at $27,000. This 2018 Regal wagon hype machine feels like it will easily dwarf that.



Well anyway, what you be willing to pay for a new BWIKK wagon? And what do you think the price will be?

Aside: wish they didn’t have the body cladding :(