How nice/cool/fast/fun of a car would you buy your kid?

A conversation I had in the comments today made me wonder what Oppo's opinion is on this. Would you let her have something sporty, or would you get her something dull to discourage reckless driving? Would you buy him a luxury car if you had the means, or do you scoff at the idea of heated leather swaddling a teenager's butt? Would you buy her a classic even if it means compromising her safety? Would you even buy the car at all, or would that be his responsibility? Obviously there are advantages and drawbacks to any option, and I think there can be a solid justification for just about any choice made here.

Personally, I think I'd buy my hypothetical child something fun to drive, but not something fast. Definitely not something new, but not so old as to be unsafe. I'd definitely get something reliable, because who wants to pay to fix a car they're not driving. Something like a Fiesta, and maybe a FiST if they were really good.

What about you Oppo? Try and nurture your childrens' inner gearheads with the car of their dreams, or make it that much sweeter when they finally buy it themselves?

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