How not to buy/sell a new Ferrari

Buy new 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider

Don’t forget $30,000 in options. Then add $37,000 in ‘other options’ one of which presumably is the custom Verde - British Racing Green.

Total cost $363,425.00

Advertisement, or rather DON’T DRIVE your new Ferrari. Well, maybe drive it a few times. But don’t go crazy. Keep the mileage under 375 miles.

No, seriously, keep the plastic on the seats, and don’t get any fingerprints anywhere. It’s a damn Ferrari. Look at it.....don’t touch, don’t drive.


Then, when you’ve tired of your Ferrari, after only three hundred and seventy five damn miles......list it on Ebay with no reserve.


And sell it for $255,000 which is $110,000 less than you paid.

Make a note to yourself to not pay $300 per mile the next time you buy/sell your new Ferrari.


To recap: $110,000+ for 377 miles. Ouch.

Edit: It sold, but not’s still listed for $339k on Dupont Registry. Still no excuse not to drive the damn car, it’s gonna be a $50k loss anyway.

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