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How not to finish the weekend

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This morning at 0411 I received a call from an unknown number. Usually when I see that it’s from my folks with their unlisted, caller ID blocked number; if they were calling me it would be 0200 back in SoCal, and that would indicate something serious. I always worry about mom, even though her diabetes is under control. And we all recently learned that my dad is now allergic to bee stings, with him having recently gone into anaphylactic shock when out walking the dog.


I checked voice mail and saw that there was a six second message. Turned out to be from a co-worker that thought I was supposed to be at work at 0400 this morning. I am on a floating schedule this month (and next) that has me working 0800/1700 Tues-Sat. I ran to my car in my PJs to verify this, and as expected my schedule is what I thought it was. The 0400 person is on vacation, yes, but I was not assigned to cover them; nobody was, as it turns out. I was probably supposed to, but that’s not how the schedule was written, and I was never given anything that changed the published schedule.

It’s my Sunday and until I hear otherwise I’m sticking with the sched as published. I’ll probably get a message later that says I have to be at work tomorrow at 0400, but until I receive that message I’m leaving things as is. Maybe our boss was supposed to be in at 0400 instead of 0500 - I don’t know. She’s been working late lately and dealing with unpleasant stuff, like pulling all the phone chat records and Google searches for the last 6 months. Yeah, they’re apparently reviewing every non-work thing we’ve done at work and are probably going to be issuing written warnings. Most everyone’s on edge, and the tension in the air is a bit thick...

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