When I worked in my last job me and my coworker made three unofficial rules for life the universe and everything. Here they are:

1) Don’t fuck mess up.

2) If you’re fucking messing up don’t get caught.

3) If you’re messing up and getting caught don’t talk to cops or journalists.

We can now add a 4th requirement to the list:

4) If you’re on the run from the cops do not drive a diamond studded Mercedes.

A 45 year old Georgian national accused of embezzling money was caught driving around in Belarus in a diamond studded Mercedes. This raises an important question. Namely: “How are you smart enough to defraud investors, but dumb enough to try to run from the cops in a diamond studded Mercedes”

I’ve never been to Belarus, but I imagine the car mix is a bunch of Lada’s with some trucks and Toyota’s thrown in.


If one was on the lam from the police one might consider the trusty Lada 1600 to maintain a low profile.