Parking is a sore spot in the very small city I work in.

It’s overpriced, poorly maintained, and terribly regulated. Today is worse than usual.

Here are the signs they’ve put up this morning over a 3 block stretch, in an area with very little parking :

54 continuous hours? Must be a big deal


Here is a (stock photo of a) pay station next to the sings that people are happily still pumping money into.


Here are all the fucks no one gives for their tiny paper signs (some on 18" road cones)


And here is the super important maintenance that will take 2 and a half days


Crack sealing. It took them less time to do a block than it did for me to write this. What the hell are the other 53 hours for?

Not pictured are the many tickets the parking authority was leaving on cars all morning.


Also, no tow trucks yet, which is somehow merciful.