This morning, a suggestion came through my Facebook feed. Normally I come across pretty cool stuff, and I’ve bought too many workout/Jeep/car/bike/hedgehog shirts that way. Today, however.... woof. These are literally the first three options I was shown:

I get it - Facebook knows I’m a woman, and knows I’ve shown interest in cars. Unfortunately for this company, (who upon further investigation sells really cute and gender inclusive children’s books and apparel), this was the first impression I and a fellow lady gearhead friend were given. Blue box cut shirts for those who play with cars, pink V necks and ladies cut for “tolerating” cars and “hearting” guys who like cars.


A few other women commented with the same sentiment - hey, what gives? - and it turns out the “plays with cars” is available in men’s, women’s, and kid’s, sizing, both colors, among other cute products. They’re even working on a father-daughter racecar book!

So I’m not writing this to shame them, but to point out that whatever algorithm Facebook is using is just not giving the best first impression of their products to the target market. Seriously, if I hadn’t seen that two of my friends with good taste liked the page and checked it out myself, I would’ve scrolled right by. If you’re trying to hit the “ladies” + “car interest” market, we’re generally not interested in shirts saying we just “tolerate” cars or are groupies to the guys. Just show off the enthusiast options, maybe in ladies V neck and the standard box tee so we know you sell both sizes!

And PS: if anyone was thinking of the “Tolerates cars” shirt for a non-gearhead partner... consider how it would feel if you were a big Giants fan and your partner gave you a “Tolerates the Pats” shirt. Sure, they’re not the Eagles, but still not everyone’s cup of tea!

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