I may not drive a $100K car, I'm not "ballin' " and I don't have a 10 car garage to my car in, but I treat my car as if it is the finest automobile ever made. I hate when my car is dirty, I see a water mark and I'm outside with a microfiber rag and some polish to remove it. I'll be at work and notice a streak in my window, lunch out, and go buy window cleaner. My VW calls for regular gas but I still do a premium fill up every 5 fill ups, I take it to the dealer the moment it begins to chime for a service and I have it detailed professionally 2 times month (or more depending on what I encounter on the road.) To me my car is not just a car, it's an investment (my girlfirend).

My screen saver is my car the day I found it parked in the very back of the dealership..... I know it's weird for me to like my car so much but do not care, I love it.

How OCD/ crazy are you about your car?