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How often do you wash your car(s)?

Under_Score’s post from earlier today has me thinking I might be a tad obsessive with washing my cars. Even though both our cars are garage kept and we keep low miles on them I still wash them about every 2 weeks.

Just the outside. Wash, dry, and do the outside windows. Depending on how much we’ve driven (and the amount of brake dust) I only do the rims about every other wash.


I wax our cars every 3 or 4 months, usually when I vacuum and wipe down the inside.

But a full on Svending? Maybe just once a year. I love having a clean (at least on the outside) car and it’s easy to justify spending 20 minutes to wash a car. It’s not so easy to find the motivation to spend hours cleaning them.

So how about it oppo? How often do you wash your car?

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