Conjuring up fantasy garages, I know I am not the only one around these parts with this sickness. You know what I'm talking about...The what cars would I buy if I won the lotto/got an inheritance from my rich uncle/suddenly became the Sultan of Brunei, list. We have done the what would you get if you had X dollars questions a million times, but how often does this list change?

As I discussed in a previous post, my automotive tastes are always evolving. And To be perfectly honest, I don't know at what intervals I adjust my multi-million dollar wish list, but I can tell you this

10 years ago the Carrera 2.7RS was not on the list


5 years ago, the NSX was not on the list

1 year ago the 635 CSI was not on the list


and last month the De Tomaso Pantera was not on the list.

Now you are probably thinking, "That's great Automatch, those cars are awesome they were always on my list. What took you so damn long? And what is off the list?" (Sorry for that, imposing thoughts on a reader is a big no-no. But I'm not a professional so it's o.k.)


Newest Mid-Engined V8 Ferrari

Usually when I made this list, I always had Modena's newest creation near the top. Now, I certainly love these cars but not sure I really would want to own one. But that GTO is rather tempting.


Bugatti Veyron


Baddest in car the land...sure. Could I enjoy it at legal speeds? Not so sure.

Current gen M5


Similar to the Ferrari, I constantly longed for the most ultimate of driving machine saloons. But I think I'd rather have an E39, or if I am going to buy new, the S8 or even the Model S seem more appealing for some odd reason.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg on the adjustments I have made over the years. Don't get me started on my vintage Alfa additions.

Has your fantasy garage changed much over time, if so how?