I washed it off 4 days ago and it was looking great. Now it is covered in all kinds of mud/snow/road crap mix. The woes of owning a black car I guess. All the lines down the side are fairly solid though, which is interesting.

Sitting there I also realized that I want to get some new tires and then wheels/tires in the summer. Hopefully these wheels are still good, the tires always leak every couple days to near flat. I am going to snag some probably new winter tires, hopefully 195/60?65?/R16 for these. Come winter summer I want to fins something nice and put some 215or225/45or50/R17's? I want something for a tire that will work well in mostly pavement but a good amount of dirt roads as well. For wheels I want to stick with something fairly stock, BBS subaru wheels most likely, so I think there may not be any R16's that go quite as wide as I would like.