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How often would I use 4 Low? [update]

Update 2: Shocking no one on Oppo, I’m a bit analytical about EVERYTHING. So of course I’m thinking about that 1% use case. So far great suggestions - just get some chains and a shovel and don’t worry about 4 Low.

As I’ve noted in a few replies, next step is to check it out in daylight, possibly get a PPI, and get the dealer to come down $1500 or so.


After Tropical Storm Beta stops dumping rain on us.

Thanks for all the replies Oppo.

Update: what I love about Oppo is all the people that have implicitly volunteered to come and pull me out when I get stuck because I only have 4 High. /s


So I’m looking at used 2015/16 Suburbans with 4 WD because reasons. Primary reason is for road trips I never thought we would take but are now due to the pandemic. Where last year we flew to Santa Fe and Colorado to ski and rented 4WD, we are now planning to drive. In addition I’ll probably drive up for pheasant hunting in Nebraska in mid November. Most of that would be highway, but pulling off the gravel roads into corn or soybean fields to park.

So almost all the ones I have looked at so far have the 2 speed transfer case. I hadn’t really thought about it until I drove one tonight that only had the single speed transfer case.

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But, this one is red with the cocoa and dune interior, basically the perfect combo for me.


So, what does Oppo think the chances are I’ll regret the single speed transfer case? Keep in mind I’ll also be running some sort of very road biased tires (the car has Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires, which is what I had on my 2WD and loved those tires).

Also, it does not have the trailering package, so no brake controller and max towing is 6k versus 8k. And no, I have not towed anything in the last 20 years and I’m not buying a boat. I did used the hitch for a bike carrier...

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