Remote trainers help you reinforce the behaviors you want from motorcyclists, such as staying in their lane. They also let you correct speeding, rev-limiter bouncing, and other unwanted behaviors. When you push a button on the handheld remote, your motorcyclist will receive a stimulation from his electronic collar. The stimulation gets his attention and lets you communicate clearly and consistently. It’s nice to know he’ll listen when you speak to him!

Available in an array of colors to match almost any shorts, sneaker, and t-shirt combination.
  • Teach basic commands including Slow, Stay, and Stop
  • Prevent dangerous or annoying behavior such as pulling wheelies, illegal lane splitting, and mirror punching
  • Train off-leash from up to 1,000 yards away
  • Choose from static, spray, vibration, ultrasonic, and tone
  • Train 2 riders at the same time
  • Not recommended for well-behaved motorcyclists, organized demonstrations, or track use.