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How’s Oppo doing?

My wife is putting our daughter to sleep; which could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours; so; how is Oppo doing?

I’ve been pretty good myself. Work is chugging along pretty well, 996 drives adequately for a Porsche and a goddamn hoot for me(I love it so much), getting stuff done around the house, my finances will be pretty tip top in the next two years if I keep things up.

I’m still a bit tempted to shop 135i cars but trying to keep my patience about me.


For your time, here is a picture of a car probably driven by a really nervous person. This was a student driver in rush hour; in a mustang; cool car tough time to be driving it.

Also for your time; a picture taken by my daughter; she can’t seem to manage to shoot straight, the whole car, and not get her finger in; in the same picture. But I just love when she likes a car so much she wants to take a picture that who cares if they’re perfect. 

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