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How’s Oppo doing? And worst part of 135i cars...

How’s Oppo doing?

I’ve had a wicked month. I’m pretty far down the line in my small department but my manager quit and the person above them, is on an extended, unknown duration, leave. So I’m functioning a bit beyond my duties as described. Great news for my employer though; I love working beyond my capacity. So I’m busy from 8-5 every day.

The great news for me is that I’ve been real honest with myself about whether or not I want a 135i knowing I’m well on my way to getting a pay bump when I get to a manager position. Guess what?


I do want a 135i.

No surprise.

But here is the surprise.

My wife seems pretty on board for a dct equipped turbo bmw coupe. She has done far less eye rolling and maybe actually expressed support for this idea.

The only issue?

135i cars can be found almost exclusively in various shades between white-grey-black. Nothing for sale nationwide that I can find in something as amazing as this red:


Have a good night Oppo!

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