I work part time at the moment, but my college semester ends in three weeks. I was thinking about looking for a day job as an intern somewhere or take the summer courses at my college.

The two places I was most interested in are the Mexico City Secretariat of Mobility, and the City Resilience Agency. Both places are impressive, and since I’m quite interested in urbanization, they also offer some insight into the field.


Not surprisingly, the pay and the responsibilities I’d be given would be limited to the amount of time I’d be working there -90 days- and how much they value my education. So I’m not expecting something great. But I can’t find their careers section in any website, or any sort of contact information so that I can find them.

I feel like I need to grab my bike and a suit hipster-architect emulation etiquette and literally stand outside their offices trying to get some attention. Surely they must appreciate that. Obviously I can’t bring a car... that’d be like brining a Trump hat to a Democratic Convention.