I feel like it’s about time to sell my truck. Consolidating vehicles would be nice, and the fact that I never got around to taking this on my planned big overland trip just makes me kind of sad. I’m also one of those people who almost finds more fun in the building than in the using.

It’s moderately modified; the highlight reel includes a high-quality mid-travel suspension, air lockers, supercharger, and roof-top tent (not pictured).

I’m not sure how best to go about it, though. I don’t know if it would be easier or harder to take off parts like the roof rack and tent and try to sell those separately, or try to find someone willing to buy the whole package. (The carboard wind deflector was a temporary measure, and the hood and possibly fenders will be un-plastidipped)

It’s a 2010 with 37k miles, so at least according to KBB the value of the base vehicle is still pretty high. I’m honestly not sure how much the mods might lower that, however. The more stuff is on it, the more it might appeal to someone wanting an overland-type vehicle. The less stuff is on it, though, the more general appeal it has. I have of course long since thrown away the original front bumper (still have the rear, though), suspension, wheels, etc... because I don’t think ahead well.

The easiest option would just be to sell it to Carmax, but I would almost surely get way less money than a private sale; Carmax’s business model doesn’t lend itself to specialty vehicles.


It doesn’t help that I’ve never actually sold a car by itself before. (except through carmax) I’ve always traded in.

Some of you may feel like this is familiar, and yes, this is the second time I’ve considered this. The first time I got a bit of interest, but from people hundreds of miles away.

So I’m curious to see what Oppo has to say. Should I try to sell as-is, or try to get it as close to a “normal truck” as possible first?