Last week I wrote a piece on small claims court, where you can have the People's Court experience but without the cameras. Apparently, quite a few daring readers have gone through the process and many more have had the occasion where they thought about it seriously.

It really is a pretty simple process but - as with anything else - having someone explain it to you before you try to figure it out on your own can help. And, some people don't like the word-sentence-paragraph things and would rather just listen to someone explain it to them. So, here you go. Same topic but the podcast.

And No, I don't just read the piece because that would be boring - even for me. So there is some different stuff in here. And as always, I tell you the foreign city with the most listeners to last week's episode. Who might it be - Australians? Malaysians? And why are these people listening?


Ah, another one of life's little mysteries. But, as always, thanks for listening. Wherever you are. And the pic at the top is an Isetta. A small car for the small claims podcast. That example is in the Petersen Museum in L.A.

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