I was attempting to install a replacement grill that I bought on ebay, and a few things caught my attention-

1-2: Just outside of the picture, this part of the frame was cut on either side and JB Welded back in place.

3: Another crack in the metal, which somehow escaped the mass-JB Welding.

4: The hood latch, which for some reason was welded on, even though the holes for the screw would've easily lined up.


5: Ah, yes, number 5... It took me a minute to realize that this was just a random piece of gnarled metal. I removed it because it was blocking one of the mounting points for the grill, and realized that without it, the JB Welded part of the frame had the rigidity of a piece of licorice. So much so, that when I tried to close the hood, the latch simply bent out of the way.

6-7: These are some holes that were cut into the frame for no apparent reason.

These issues lead me to believe that the previous owner of my car was, in fact, a Chimpanzee. You'd think I would've noticed that when I bought the car from him, but live and learn, I suppose.


Stay tuned for the next episode, when I highlight the thoughtful and meticulous repairs to the A/C system!