For those unaware, Banger Racing is a European “motorsport” that’s essentially a rolling demo derby on an oval. How the fuck it’s legal in a Health and Safety obsessed place like Europe is absolutely beyond me.

Nevermind the fact that at certain “race” meetings people try and find the rarest car they can to turn into a small ball of metal, but the lack of safety cages and safety on the tracks is absolutely astounding. As this video shows, these cars aren’t equipped with rollcages:

...and the tracks themselves are laughably inadequate when it comes to barriers, as you can see from the video above, the Wimbeldon oval’s outside “wall” is merely a bunch of posts and wires, like a shitty highway “barrier.”

Now, what’s known as the “follow-in,” while highly illegal, happens quite often. As the name implies, the following car simply doesn’t touch the brakes going into a corner and serves the car in front of it into the wall without stopping, something that is ridiculously dangerous as well.

How shit like this is still able to be put on is absolutely beyond me. At least put some goddamn roll cages in the things.