The last episode of the original Knight Rider where “Michael tries to stop a voodoo woman who is using mind control on innocent people and forcing them to commit crimes for her.” is not how the series should have ended.


It should have ended in one of two ways...

1. He intends on hitting Turbo Boost:


But instead, Michael Knight fat-fingers it and hits Eject Left... gets ejected, lands on his ass on the roadway and gets run over by other traffic... preferably a truck named Goliath.

And from there, Knight Industries gets shut down due to the dangerously poor ergonomics on KITT.  


2. Michael Knight hits turbo boost to get over a car in his way, but he forgot that he’s still in a parking garage with a low ceiling. Roof gets crushed, Michael Knight dies.

Knight Industries gets shut down due to lack of safeguards on Turbo Boost function.