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How To Avoid The Three Worst Craigslist Scams - Podcast

We all know that Craigslist is Satan’s Playground. Sure, it looks inviting, but before you know it your money, your car and your dignity are all gone. Here’s how to avoid the three most common bad things that can happen to you on Craigslist.

Craigslist, like every other aspect of the internet, has its pros and its cons. And in this case, cons means people who will try and con you out of something. (And yes, pros might have a different meaning here too, but we’ll deal with that later.)


Selling a car? You’ll get people trying to rip you off. Shopping on Craigslist? There are people who will try and rip you off. Sure, many of our savvy readers here are hip to these things but it seems the scams are as pervasive today as they were when Gutenberg first offered to let his friends advertise their used blacksmith tools on JohannesList. “Ye Olde Anvil. Only struck lightly for the past score years. Interesting barter welcome.”

So, here is the audio:

And the video.

And the top shot is of the most common road sign in Michigan. If you have ever driven in Michigan, you already know this.


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