How to be a Rally Fan in North America and Doing LeMons Wrong

Assembled here are the best Oppositelock posts from May 31st through June 4. It includes a guide to rally spectating, adventures in LeMons, an Alfa V6 rebuild and wonderful & weird cars.

How to be a Rally Fan in North America - Thoushalthoonthyrallyetyres


Inevitably, you've seen many an article, post and video about rally. It is an intriguing motorsport, one that will draw a second glance from even those less enthused with automobiles. And by now, some of you may have wondered to yourself, "I wonder if I could ever go to one of those rally things, and if so, how?" Well wonder no longer, for here is a handy dandy little guide on how to be a rally fanatic and spectator in North America. Read more…

Lemons 24: You're Doing It Wrong

Lemons is all about finding a sweet junker, and making it race-able. And keeping it running for a whole weekend wheel-to-wheel racing with a bunch of other junkers, and not crashing. Right? Read more…

Alfa V6 Rebuild in Cornfield, IN: still possible! - BlythBros


Living in Columbus, IN, undertaking an Alfa V6 rebuild posed some geographical challenges. The only European shop in the county was the local Import Auto shop, where I buy all of my VW and BMW parts. So, for ignition and fuel system components, I had the convenience of stopping by after work to pick up parts. I asked around for recommendations on local machine shops, and drove south to Jackson County, where I found a shop for head work, and a shop to take care of the bottom end. Read more…

Wonderful & Weird - therotaryisdeadlonglivetherotary

So you grew up, like me, on a steady drip of numbers – 0-60 times, Gs and perhaps even lap times. Each car was measured out, some found wanting and condemned to epithets from car journalists and some found to be exemplary, receiving high praise. From Camrys to Corvettes, the numbers never lied. But now, you've started to look around and find cars that were never designed for any kind of numbers, never designed to perform, and find, for some inexplicable reason, the you are drawn to them. Read more…


How much does it take to get Adrian Newey? - FreddsterExprs


He at some point was seen as a designer with ancient, outdated methods of construction. He proved everyone wrong when he gave finger boy cars that powered him to 4 championships in a row. Now Adrian Newey is the most sought after personality in the whole F1 sphere, and recently numerous offers were made to him. Read more…

Financing the German Roads - A Question of Solidarity - Mark Linde

In my last longer article I tried to give you an overview on the state of the German road network. My conclusion was that despite or because of the balanced governmental budget the roads are neglected and in dire need of funding. The situation is critical so our representatives can't ignore the topic any longer. So what are they doing? Read more…


Overlanding in Southeast Idaho and Montana - vicariousILive


In my last write up I talked about how my dad and I were just cruising over some of the country around my hometown. While I was up there I drove out of the area on this Medicine Lodge Road. After, I was looking at the map that my dad had available I noticed that the Medicine Lodge Road goes over what is called Bannack Pass over the continental divide and into Montana. So I researched that area over in the Montana side. I couldn't find much about the area. So I knew that to appease my curiosity, the area will need to be explored. Read more…

My Weekend Was Spent Catching Milky Ways and Making 4x4 Trails - Baber K. Khan

It was so hot, that even an atheist would take a break and thank God for sending the man who created A/C and bless him. It was consistently 42-44C temperature. It is also the reason why there are so little pictures of the actual off-roading when the terrain was completely broken but thankfully, the 3400cc Diesel Turbo 70 Series Land Cruiser had an aftermarket, gigantic radiator so even in steep climbs with loose rocks of different kind, the air-con remained on and the car's temperature barely got to the first quarter of the analog temp meter. Read more…


Brown Wagon Faceoff: What To Take To Prom - TheDailyTurismo


1977 was an interesting year on many fronts. It was also the year of some of the worst possible cars ever pushed from a factory due to oil embargoes, tightening emissions standards and quickly implemented fixes from the boys in Detroit. Read more and Be Capricious In This Long Roof Chevy.

Why you should buy your JDM dream car... NOW - TokyoBayAquaLine

Ahh.... Summer. I like summer. But I hate the sun. That may be because I'm a redhead, so I turn as red as a tomato. So as much as I like to SAY I like summer, the truth is that I spend most of it indoors, dreaming of the cars I'd like to own. Only difference between myself and most dreamers, is that I look at the big picture. And so should you. Read more…


Jaguar XKR-S Review – A dying breed - carwitter


A few months ago Jaguar announced they were killing off one of their biggest cats, the XK. We had briefly driven the XKR-S and had been mightily impressed with it, so with the guillotine now looming we simply had to fully review this mighty beast. Read more…

2014 Mazda CX-5 week-long rental review, Family Style - Grindintosecond

I took an eight day vacation trip to Buffalo, NY. I lived there for eight years at one point and moved out with a wife and child. The consequence of this means I have to take them all back there to visit the in-laws and relatives every other year or so. Enterprise agreed to rent a Camry (or similar) for my eight day visit. They did not have any mid-size car on arrival so a free upgrade landed me the 2014 Mazda CX-5. Read more…


The Transporter Drives: the 2014 Buick Jailbait - The Transporter


It doesn't really hit you until you finally realize that the Buick Verano is a gussied up Chevy Cruze, then it hits you all at once. The Verano is a young teenage girl in her older sister's prom dress that's about two sizes too big. She looks a bit goofy, especially in those high heels, and you can tell she feels awkward in her own skin trying to pull that dress off, but she's trying hard. She's trying real hard and even though you know it's wrong, you still want to take her to the dance. Read more…

DTM silhouettes, Maseratis, Porsches, F3 cars and the Sunstroke - Gabor Vajda

What happens when you put one of the most interesting, loudest race cars on one of the most boring (but not character-less) racetracks in the world? Hope for good support races. Read more…


2012 Audi A3 TDI: The Oppo Review - The Stig's SoCal Cousin


Some say it's an overpriced economy car. And that it has a fat bulldog nose. All I know is, it's my environmentally friendly hoonmobile and I absolutely love it. Read more…

The 2010 Chrysler Town and Country is The Coolest Minivan Ever - VincentvanCabrioW


Mid-engined like a prancing horse, supercharged like a pounding Jaguar, 4WD Like an enraged Bull, and meticulously designed too look like a dogs turd. Though Toyota must be praised by this great product, it pains me to say this Jalopnik/Oppo but you were wrong naming the un-viagra'd oscar mayer Weinermobile as the most epic family hauler. The legitimate Coolest minivan of them all is in fact the 2010 Chrysler Town and Country. Read more…

2006 Saab 9-5 Aero SportCombi: The Oppo Review - saabstory


Top Gear made fun of its "spectacles". It gets really bad mileage. It's a little fragile. The 2006 9-5 is a car that doesn't really make sense on any level until you own it, or at least engage the turbo. Read more…

The Best of the Rest


J. David Buerk shared photos from Katie's C&C, as did Jagvar. Puppyknuckles photographed the IMSA Continental Tire & Porsche GT3 Cup series at Lime Rock. Twinturbobmw attended Portland C&C. Ddavidn took photos at the Olympus Rally. WhiskeyGolf went to C&C in Ottawa. Labcoatguy brought his Saab to Antique Car Day at Larz Anderson park. Monovich made more progress on importing his e30 M3 EVO2. Mathias Rios took a roadtrip to the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally. Cherry_man1 got some photos of his Gran Torino. Chuck007 posted photos from Bertonsville C&C. Pearson Hurst dropped by Richmond C&C. CrzRsn cruised Woodward. The Stig's SoCal Cousin went to Supercar Sunday. The New Garage got to handle a Porsche 935. ITA Hondaboy watched ARCA at NJMP-Thunderbolt. Camaroboy68ss got a new Hot Rod in his garage. Newton survived his first track day. Euro Dan attended the DTM race at the Hungaroring. Wolfezx went to Cascade C&C. ModerateSloth continued building his Factory Five Cobra.

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