“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”
“I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”

Hello and good evening, we here at Jalopnik and Oppositelock love all cars; but especially the rare, seemingly ambiguous and quirky ones. You know, the hip ones. Much like Natural Spirit cigarettes and tightly trimmed facial hair, the Merkur XR4Ti fits that build to a Ti.

Found on craigslist, this beautiful Merkur could be had for $1800 in Burlignton, VT:


Why is the Merkur XR4Ti a perfect Jalop car? It is in the same way that buying a Toyota Corolla is the same as a Lexus LFA. Here, let Hardibro explain:

Something about the Merkur struck me. My dream car is a Ford Escort RS Cosworth, which is basically a custom body over a Ford Sierra, and the Merkur is basically a Ford Sierra, which means if I bought it I would basically own a Ford Escort RS Cosworth.


Basically, on the internet, anything can be justified. You can read that article over and over again well, it doesn't make much sense. But I digress, the Merkur, through the transitive property of car love and lust is the perfect Jalop car because our boss bought one, and then sold one without ever really driving it. But the feelings are what matters, and Merkurs, much like a good massage at a Korean Sushi restaurant provide the best rub and tugs of your life. How shall it rub thee? Let me count the ways:

Rear wheel drive. Check.

Ugly. Check.

Unreliable. Check.

Manual Transimssion. You're god damn right Heismanberg.

Beautiful. Prestigious. Hip. Quirky. Rare. Undriveable. Rusted. Jalop.

Hopefully it goes to a good Jalop home.

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