How To Be Fast In A Kart

With the Jalopnik Kart 2 Kart event coming up, here are a few tips to improve your time.

1. Understand the line, the video above is my 26.06 lap from a year ago. The line is fairly decent but there are a few things that can be improved on from it.


2. Don't try and drift a corner. Every time you slide the kart you end up losing almost a half second.

3. React to oversteer as soon as you can and correct the kart as quickly as possible. Keep the kart planted and add corrections as nessasary.

The k2k Grand Prix is two qualifying sessions and one race. When you go to set your fastest time during the qualifier give adequate room for yourself and avoid traffic, this way you can set your fastest time without hurting your time trying to pass.

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