I really don’t know. Last car I bought was my metro because I had a half top Cherokee and driving around winter was a bit too cold. I now need to purchase a replacement for my wife’ss 1st gen equinox for the need of more than 3 back seats.

There is a lot of stuff about new cars, but I don’t think I can afford that. We haven’t even sat down to look at what we can afford and what we want in her next car. The only real need is 4-5 car seats ranging from boosters to infant car seats. But I’d also like to be able to tow either a camper or my jeep (7-9K rating I’d guess) with whatever purchase we make.

The reason for this is my stay at home wife may be taking on some more children to watch during the day time for her sister & a neighbor. She walks he nephew to school daily as it is now. 2 boosters and a forward facing toddler seat in the equinox is at capacity. So adding 2 infant seats is not an option. The easiest would be a minivan, if I didn’t want tow capacity.

So where’s the good places to research used cars 2-5 years old?