Did you know that you can...right now...buy VW diesel engines in the US in 2.0 I4 configurations from 115 to 170 hp, 3.0 V6 configuration with 260 hp and a 4.2 liter V8 with either 33o or 370 hp? Yup, no EPA, no recalls, no dirty notes. AND as a bonus an American company will sell them to you?

I didn’t know this but Mercruiser Marine uses TDI engines, the same ones in all the news lately, except without the whole “scandal” biz.

The main reason for that is they aren’t the same engines from a computer control or emissions control standpoint, even though they claim to meet Tier 3 marine specs (has anyone checked to make sure?)

Anyway, I think its cool that not only can you get these engines still but you can get some really powerful versions of these engines. I would love to find an old cruiser and re-power with a pair of 150 tdi 2.0's.