So, batteries.


I know of no other wider, broader population of friendly people to ask, so I always ask Oppo, right? Right.


So, my cell phone battery is no longer holding up like it used to. No surprise, the phone’s two years old, and I could “upgrade” (which is a deceptive term that means, ‘hey, you’re done paying off this $700 phone so why not start paying for a $1,000 phone now’), but I’m pretty happy with my current phone, and don’t see a reason to replace it...except the battery. It’s a Motorola Z Force, one of those phones that you (mostly) can’t open. But there’s aftermarket-type shops that do cell phone repair, replace screens and stuff like that, and I figure, maybe I could have one of those places crack the phone open and put in a new battery. It may cost a hundred bucks or something (maybe more? I don’t know), but it’s still cheaper than buying a new phone. If I even get another year out of this phone, I figure it’s a fair deal, right?

So, anyone ever do this with a sealed phone before? (Haven’t most phones been sealed up without removable batteries for the last five or six years anyway?) If you have, I’m curious to know your experience and expense, if you’re willing to share. Pretty Panther wagon for your time.

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