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How to confirm mileage?

UPDATE: I’m going to walk away from this anyhow. Still interested in any mileage checking tricks you may have up your sleeve, but I’m going to skip this truck. The moment I hit publish I realized if I had to ask for OPPO’s opinion it was because something didn’t feel right and I should walk away.

Hey guys, the Yukon I went to see the other day was a complete bust. And by that I mean the frame was busted and rusted lol. I walked away from it.


Now I’ve got a lead on an 04 Suburban that’s marked as 90,000 miles...but the carfax has it up at 176,000 as of 2 years ago. Dealership is saying that’s gotta be an error and they are inspecting it now.

If the mileage is real they’re only asking 7,300 and it’s 2nd row captains chairs, leather all the way through, moonroof, rear entertainment/dvd system, upgraded touch screen stereo.


Do you guys know of any other ways to try and check this thing’s mileage? Do I just run like hell because it’s suspicious? Just try and get some more cash off the top of it?

BTW it’s a full fledged Ford dealer that is part of a massive dealer group in Michigan so it’s not a random little B lot.

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(grille guard is insane and excessive and would be removed)

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