How To Convince Grandma That This is What We Need...

I ended up driving Dad’s 2012 S60 last night to get gas before it shot up 23 cents a gallon overnight. And driving it, it made me feel a way I never once felt driving my Civic. I genuinely smiled and grinned driving this for the five minutes I was behind the wheel. I know its not the best car, but I want one. And I was looking and found this 2012 S60 T5 CPO for a hair over $20,000. Full warranty, leather, sunroof, BLIS, its everything I want. And it has under 25,000 miles. How do I convince her that is what I want and need. Get rid of the Civic and let me finance this!


This has been a pointless, meaningless post about something that more than likely will not happen. I can dream though.

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