This is just something silly. Pick a year between 1914 and 1989. Next, pick a surname (last name/family name). Third, pick any noun or adjective. Fourth, pick an animal name. Number five is the tricky part, you need to combine the two words then modify that word into something with four syllables or less. When you are all done just put everything all together and baddabing-baddaboom, you’s got ya’self an American car! Feel free to mention the car in conversations or arguments in order to increase the credibility of your stances.


1) [Year from ‘14-’89] ‘57.

2) [A last/family/surname] Harrison.

3) [Noun/Adjective] Magazine.

4) [Animal Name] Armadillo.

5) [Combine #3 and #4 into a word that is four syllables or less] Magadillo.

“My granddad used to own a ‘57 Harrison Magadillo, so I know a limited slip differential when I see one!”

By the way, I just bought an ‘83 Richfield FancyDancer! The old lady sold it to me for practically nothing!!