How to deal with a meddling subordinate

My office manager/admin lady, in addition to being the source material for the series Particularly Religious Coworker, also has a habit of trying to micromanage me, when I'm her boss. This is becoming more of a problem, which means I'm breaking out the strategery in response.


The other day, I came in, and she made a comment that she thinks I'm late to work more often than not. I took offense to this because:

1. Except the 1-2 days a week where I'm responsible for opening or closing the office, I have no set hours.

2. On the days when I am responsible for opening/closing, I'm always here earlier or later than I need to be.

3. I always work well over 40 hours a week. But since I'm salaried, I don't get paid for any of the extra time that I work.


4. Mind your damn business, lady.

So, how could she be thinking that I'm late when I have no set hours? Because when I started, she asked that I put my planned hours on my calendar each day, so if someone called in for me and it was before I arrived, she could say when I will be in.


But the only thing this has created is the opportunity for her to waste time keeping track of when she thinks I'm late. If I'm coming in 15 minutes later than I planned, it's silly for me to have to log in to Outlook from home just to update my hours. BECAUSE I HAVE NO SET HOURS.

If someone calls for me before I arrive, all she needs to say is that I'm not available, then put them in my voicemail.


So, I told Particularly Religious Coworker that keeping track of whether I'm supposedly late when I have no set hours, is none of her concern. I then deleted all my planned hours from my calendar.

My boss backed me up in this, and said she doesn't have her regularly scheduled hours on her calendar either.


Today, Particularly Religious Coworker walked by my office and expressed surprise that I was here, because my hours weren't on my calendar. She said I really should put those hours back on my calendar. I just rolled my eyes, said "mmm hmmm," and let her walk away.

I'm not putting the hours back on my calendar, and if she says anything to me about it again, I'm going to tell her that I deleted the hours because she can't mind her business, I have no intention whatsoever of putting them back on my calendar, and if she doesn't like it, tough.


I hate to act like an asshole boss, but if that's how she wants to play things, this is how I'm going to be.

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